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Category: HR issues

Advertise jobs through your Buying Group

Since the Group launched its recruitment platform in June, it has advertised 123 GP practice vacancies. These pages have been viewed over 3,000 times.  If you are recruiting (clinical and non-clinical roles) then why not submit a vacancy to the Buying Group?  Just log in to the website and upload your advert onto their recruitment page.  It's free.  

Human Resources (HR) advice

The HR legislation is a financial minefield.  If you are in any doubt on how to proceed in any particular case it would probably cost you less in the long run to seek professional expert advice before taking any ill-considered action.  We can provide you pointers if necessary.

Occupational Health services for GPs


We had heard that in order for a GP to access the new occupational health service provided by Heales Medical it would be necessary for the practice first to register with Heales.  We queried this and their response is:

  • It is not essential for an employee's practice to be registered with Heales Medical provided that the employee is an individual on the National Performers List. 
  • That said, registration for a practice is free of charge and allows access to an on-line portal which provides extensive information on the Occupational Health services provided by Heales together with a tariff of charges.
  • Heales Medical understands that sometimes a GP would like to self-refer and not have the practice informed of their personal circumstances.  In such a case the GP should contact Abigail Turner, their contract manager, direct on 0944 842 1755 or on 07494 957 770.

We did suggest that we might be able to get all practices registered with Heales in one batch but they say that because of data protection concerns each practice would need to register individually, but the process is not overly complicated:

  1. An individual from the practice, ideally a senior partner or someone who is approved to authorise payment, needs to read through the information page and accept our terms and conditions; both can be accessed via the following link:
  2. At the bottom of the information page is a tab to click entitled 'Register your Practice'.  All that is necessary to register is the practice's unique reference code.
  3. A primary user needs to be assigned; this could be the practice manager or whomever would be responsible for making any referrals to Heales.

GP trainee exception reporting

The changes to the junior doctor contract introduced the process of exception reporting. In many hospitals, this new system of recognising when trainees are working beyond their contracted hours is working, and consultants and other doctors are encouraging their junior colleagues to exception report.  Junior doctors, including GP trainees, are able to electronically submit an 'Exception Report' when they have worked beyond their contracted hours. Exception reporting is not meant to be punitive, rather, it is one of several safeguards in the new junior doctor contract aiming to tackle burnout, highlight excess workload and provide the trainee with additional support and either pay for the overtime worked or time off in lieu.  More information about this for training practices can be found here


If you are planning on retiring fully you will need to come off the Medical Performers List (MPL) and relinquish you GMC licence to practice. If you intend to continue to work (e.g. as a locum) then you will need to complete a change of status form available from NHS-SBS ( who manage the MPL.  Retirement often also includes a change in email/phone contacts and these would also need to be updated with NHS England South (South Central) as these are the main means of communication between NHS England and the practitioner.  When planning to retire in either way please therefore let the Appraisal Lead, Dr Sue Frankland, know via


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