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GMS Contract changes 2019 highlights


New GMS contact changes

The GPC gave a local roadshow in Bristol on 28th February.  Information about the changes is coming from various sources.  The main thing to grasp is that practices need to band themselves into geographically-based Primary Care Networks of between 30,000 and 50,000 patients.  The timescale for doing this is very tight.  By 29th March a template network agreement and Network contract will be issued jointly by NHS England and GPC England. Practices then have until 15th May to submit their registration information to the CCG.  The CCG has to confirm network coverage by 31st May and the network contract goes live on 1st July.  If you have any questions or face any difficulties in complying with this timetable then the LMC stands ready to help you.

GP Contract Funding

Please see below table with updated GP contract funding figures for 2019/20 following the contract agreement a few weeks ago.




Value of QOF point



Global Sum price per weighted patient

£  88.96

£  89.88

Out of Hours adjustment



Participation payment

£105m total

Annual payment per weighted patient*


*This figure will be paid in instalments direct to practices, upon signing up the PCN DES.

These figures have been agreed between NHS England and GPC England - the BMA GP contract webpage will be updated shortly with these figures. These figures include the recycling of MPIG and Seniority into global sum, and therefore the figures represent greater than the 1.4% contact uplift noted in the contract agreement document.

In addition to the above, a one-off payment to cover indemnity inflation arising in 2018/19 is planned for March 2019 - this figure is still being calculated and information will be provided soon.

The above figures are in addition to the other financial agreements, for example uplift S7a V&I programmes, all funding via the network, and the delivery of the state-backed indemnity scheme, and do not include payments for any uplift in employer pensions contributions which will be funded separately.

Changes to QOF in 2019/20

Twenty-eight indicators, worth 175 points in total, will be retired from April 2019.  For details see Annex A (pages 60 to 63) of the full agreement at this link:

These retired points will be taken up by:

  • Fifteen new indicators, totalling 101 points (see pages 63 to 65 of the same document).
  • The new Quality Improvement domain consisting of 'end of life care' and 'prescribing safely' modules, each worth 37 points, which are detailed at Annex B of the full agreement (page 67 onwards).


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