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Death Certification - the Medical Examiner (ME)

From April 2019 a new medical examiner-led system will begin to be rolled out within hospitals in England and Wales. The non-statutory system will introduce a new level of scrutiny whereby all deaths will be subject to either a medical examiner's scrutiny or a coroner's investigation.  For GPs, the current arrangements for certifying death will continue for at least 2 years until the ME system is set up and fully functioning within secondary care. The ME system housed in the Trust will then look to expand its remit into the community. GPs are therefore not precluded from applying for an ME role for a Trust; experience working within primary care will no doubt be welcome for when the system moves into the community.  All Medical Examiners must be fully registered for at least five years as a medical practitioner, hold a licence to practice and have received special training in the role. The Royal College of Pathologists as lead college has developed the compulsory online training and is in the process of drafting standards to support the revalidation process.


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