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Practice Manager Support and Review meetings

Gloucestershire LMC now provides support to Practice Managers through our Practice Manager Supporters who are based across the county.

Practice Manager Supporters provide advice and support to their practice manager colleagues by means of face to face meetings. The PM Supporters have had specific training to enable them to provide this support.  

The Practice Manager Supporters will work in a completely confidential way, but are duty bound to take forward any issues that are brought to their attention that may be unsafe. They are not able to offer any legal advice, but will assist in signposting their colleagues towards useful resources and assistance.

The PM Supporters will respond to your request for a meeting as quickly as they can, but are all working practice managers themselves, so if your request is urgent, it would be best to ring the LMC office on 01452 310706.  

Such a system cannot be provided for free, but our hope is that experience will allow it to be seen as an investment by practices rather than as an expense.  In future the intention is that practices should pay the costs, but for the first round of meetings we have secured funding from NHS England at the rate of £100 per meeting, which means that practices will only, for that first meeting, have to pay the balance, estimated at:

  • Preparation time by Supporter:  1.5 hours at £20 an hour                        £30
  • Travel: a round trip of 30 miles at 45p a mile                                           £15
  • Attendance at the meeting by Supporter: 3 hours at £20 an hour                £60
  • Production of post-meeting notes by Supporter: One hour at £20 an hour   £20
  • Contribution to cost of the meeting coordinator                                       £  5


                                 LESS grant from NHS England                                      £100

                                 Balance payable by practice.                                        £  30

The first step is to fill in the form and send it to the co-ordinator, Gill Hawlins at  If you have a preference to meet a particular supporter (or to avoid one(!)) then please tell Gill about it, and also state what you are hoping to get out of the meeting.   The list of PM Supporters is here and their short biographical details can be read here.  Access to all these documents can be found here.

Support and Review meetings

N.B. These meetings do not replace a performance appraisal by the practice.  These review and support meetings are to help you as a PM reflect on your work and approach.  It is to help identify areas for improvement and development and to demonstrate areas where improvement and development have already been made. Experience in Wessex is that these meetings are best held every year.

Participation is entirely voluntary but we hope these meetings will be thoroughly helpful. 

Coaching and Mentoring

There is a national scheme of coaching and mentoring for those practice managers who feel they need it.  It is funded by NHS England and delivered by a firm called "Go Beyond".  NHS England has already sent out details of how to take advantage of this offer.


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